Quality Assurance

The cornerstone of our cleaning system is our Quality Assurance program. Our QA program includes performing all contracted tasks, scheduled and unscheduled inspections, and the implementation of immediate corrective action, when applicable.

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Multi-Filtration Vacuum

We use multi-filtration backpack vacuum cleaner with HEPA to improve indoor air quality by removing 99.97% of germs and allergens.

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Microfiber Towels

We use Microfiber towels of different colors to disinfect any surface and to avoid cross contamination. The non-abrasive microfiber we use removes allergens and bacteria in addition to dust particles from surfaces and is safe to use on most surfaces.

Additionally, the cleaners and disinfectants we use are environment-friendly and safe in all facilities. We apply the best combination of top cleaning products to match the cleaning requirements of each facility.